Canned Goods: One Alabama School’s Defense Against School Shooters

In this day and age, school shooters are an unfortunate reality in America. Parents worry all the time that the school their kids go to might be the next in the news. There really is no way to protect kids from a school shooter, but a principal in Alabama has a plan: stockpile canned goods to throw at gunmen.

In the letter to parents, W.F. Burns Middle School Principal Priscilla Holley said:

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“As a result of school shootings throughout the United States and discussing with law enforcement on the best procedure to follow to keep our students safe, we are enhancing our procedure for intruders. The procedure will be the same as we have done in the past with the addition of arming our students with a canned food item.”

Holley says that by flinging the canned food at the intruder, they hope to stun them and create a distraction until police arrive. She also hopes that it will make the children feel more empowered instead of feeling like sitting ducks.

Image via WHNT News

Image via WHNT News


First of all, how sad is it that our kids need to even worry about this? That says a lot about the gun culture in this country.

It’s a nice idea but would it really work? I know that I wouldn’t want my kid throwing a can of creamed chicken at an armed gunman and pissing him off more.

It’s more likely that the guy with the assault rifle is going to take out little Johnny who pelted him with a can of soup before he shoots anyone else.

Here’s an idea! How about we start having a real discussion about gun control in this country?

We are robbing our kids of their childhoods because we can’t come together and act like adults. And that is a helluva lot sadder than imagining a little army of kids armed with canned goods and trying to save their own lives.





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