Breaking: More Tragedy In Tallahassee As Deputy Is Ambushed And Killed By Gunman

Leon County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about a house fire In the Northwestern part of the city on Saturday morning.  Upon arrival, they were ambushed by gunshots and a deputy was killed.

According to LCSO spokesman Lt. James McQuaig, the gunman took the firearm from the deputy he had just killed and walked down the street shooting, wounding another deputy before he was himself shot and killed.

“There are a lot of components at work right now,” McQuaig said. “This thing is still active and still developing. We are in the very early stages of this investigation.”

Residents of the area, described as a middle class working neighborhood, found themselves either in the middle or trapped outside of what became a multi-block crime scene.

23 year-old Brad Baker, whose wife called him at work when she heard the shots, told The Tallahassee Democrat:

One of the main reasons why I moved here was because there were so many police officers and firemen in this neighborhood, and it’s crazy to think something like that could happen right down the street.

The name of the deputy killed was released on social media, but out of respect for requests by LCSO the Democrat hadn’t released the name.  The identity of the assailant is also still unreleased.

After the shootings on the Florida State University campus this past Thursday Tallahassee residents are finding themselves unnerved by the violence and national attention.  Mayor Andrew Gillum had this to say about the incident and his city’s first responders:

Our fire and law enforcement officers put the safety of others above all else.  It is almost unimaginable that a call for help turned into the ambush of a Leon County Sheriff’s deputy and the shooting of another deputy by the assailant.

More on the story as it develops.

Image and H/T: The Tallahassee Democrat




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