BREAKING: 5 Stabbed On California College Campus, Attacker Is The Only Fatality

The University of California Merced tweeted this morning that five students had been stabbed on campus.

UCM Tweet 1

A short time later, the school posted a second tweet about the situation.

UCM Tweet 2

A few minutes later, the school issued a third update.

UCM Tweet 3

KBOI reports that the stabbings took place shortly before 8 a.m. Pacific time, in a building known as the “Classroom and Office Building.” Alex Lopez, a student at UCM, said he was walking to his class, listening to a podcast, when he heard a gunshot. He said he then saw police flooding the campus.

A worker named Josh Palmer tweeted what he saw. Palmer’s second tweet says “7 people,” but the university has confirmed that there were five victims.

Josh Palmer Tweet 1

Josh Palmer Tweet 2


CNN reports that the university will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. Pacific time.

At this time, details are sketchy. There is no information about the attacker, except that he has been identified as a male student at the school, and no hint of a possible motive. What is worth noting, however is that none of the wounds sustained by the five victims appear to be life-threatening, and that the “good guy with a gun” who took down the assailant was a police officer. Compare this incident to the shooting at Umpqua Community College and it becomes clear very quickly that the claims made by gun nuts that if more restrictions are put on guns then people would just use other weapons to kill people are questionable at best. While it is impossible to speculate what might have been different had this attacker used a gun instead of a knife, looking at similar incidents where the weapon used was a gun suggests that there would be more dead than just the attacker.

Featured image via Qymekkam/Wikimedia Commons

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