BOOM! George Zimmerman’s Gun Sale Gets Shot Down By Two Auction Sites

George Zimmerman has spent the last two days trying to sell the gun that he used to murder Trayvon Martin. To say the least, it hasn’t gone well. In fact, it has gone so poorly that two auction sites have now booted Zimmerman and his murder weapon.

Shortly after the news began to circulate of Zimmerman’s revolting decision to auction off the weapon he used in the killing of a 17-year-old child, the site he had originally placed the gun up for sale on,, shut down the auction. A second site then offered to host the sale, but it wasn’t long before their website crashed. They have now opted to shoot down Zimmerman’s auction as well, but their site has still not been restored.

Speaking to the Washington Post, UnitedGunGroup owner Todd Underwood had this to say:

Why shouldn’t he be selling it? When you look at the facts of the case, he was charged and exonerated by a jury of his peers.

This shouldn’t even be a story. A gentleman who did nothing wrong is selling a personal possession of his to the highest bidder.

By 7 p.m., with his website rendered completely useless, Underwood apparently decided that maybe they didn’t want to stand their ground after all. Still unable to get the auction site functioning, they put out a statement on Twitter saying they had decided to “terminate” Zimmerman’s auction. Basically, they were trying to ask if they could please have their website back now, without looking like they had just rolled over and cried uncle.

We stand by the rule of law, and while no laws have been broken, we do not feel like it is in the best interest of our organization to continue to host this sale on our platform,” the statement said.

“Our mission is to esteem the 2nd amendment …. our association with Mr. Zimmerman does not help us achieve that objective,” the group concluded.

Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at Morehouse College and an analyst with CNN, compared the auction to “O.J. Simpson (deciding) to start a line of steak knives.”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn) condemned the sale of the gun and the murdering bastard Zimmerman.

It should shock the conscience of every decent American that this man is peddling his murder weapon for sale,” said Jeffries. “America must reject this merchant of death once and for all.

The starting bid on both auction sites was $5,000, but Zimmerman didn’t get a single bid on either site for what he described as “a piece of American history.” He tried to convince potential buyers that even the Smithsonian wanted to get their hands on the gun that had been used in the deadly shooting of Trayvon Martin, but the museum quickly called bullsh*t and said they had no interest in the firearm whatsoever.

It doesn’t look like things are going quite the way Zimmerman thought they would. Thank God for small effing favors.

Featured image via Death and Taxes

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