Ammosexual Goes On Road Rage Rampage – With Kids In The Car!

Another story about a gun-toting ammosexual out of Florida.  Go figure.

Mark Edward Cook, 39, of Spring Hill was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child neglect, among other things, after he chased down a man who he thought rear-ended him.

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Arrested?  You mean he wasn’t able to claim he was “standing his ground?”

When Cook believed he was rear-ended by Jason Foster, he went into a rage and chased Foster onto a dead-end street, causing a minor accident.  He flew from his car with a small pistol and threatened Foster’s life.  He then opened Foster’s door and punched him in the face.

Foster’s five-year-old was in the back seat and had to witness the whole thing.

Hillsborough County Deputies concluded that Foster hadn’t rear-ended Cook.  Even if he had, chasing someone down recklessly, causing an accident, threatening their life and punching them seems like a bit of an over-reaction.

This is Florida we’re talking about, however, where women kill children and get off scott-free, George Zimmerman assaults someone regularly and still isn’t in prison and judges punch lawyers for demanding their clients be fairly represented.

In yet another twist to this already twisted story, Cook’s own two-year-old and wife were in his Chevy Malibu when he decided to go all gun-nut road rage.  The incident has cost the couple custody of their child.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department website, Cook hasn’t posted bond and is still in jail.

This isn’t merely a case of “parenting, you’re doing it wrong.”  This is indicative of the gun-nut culture the modern ammosexual is forcing us to live in.  While more and more of these kinds of individuals fight for their rights to open-carry their compensations in public, more and more typical Americans who want idiots to leave their guns at home become frustrated.

When will it end?  This is ‘Murica, folks.  It won’t.

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