Ammon Bundy And His Anti-Govmint Loons Just Cost Oregon Taxpayers $500K

After spending days overtaking a bird watching sanctuary for the revolution of snacks, Ammon Bundy and his militia white boy all-stars were finally brought down by the feds. It was certainly fun watching these dumbest crackers in the nation, think that protesting a steep fine and jail sentence for arson on federal lands, was somehow on par with civil rights leaders refusing cruel segregation. It’s all come to a close, with some of these sh*tkickers going to jail, and others returning to their survival bunkers to masturbate to guns & ammo.

But while mercilessly mocking these really crappy constitutional scholars has  provided excellent comedy fodder, like the very funny Ammon Boys Beat Militia, there’s nothing funny about all the taxpayer money they wasted during their little Ted Nugent Fantasy Camp occupation. To be exact, these complete and utter morons forced the Governor of Oregon to approve upwards of $500,000.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is requesting the funds in hopes of offsetting the estimated $100,000 per week that local and state agencies were pissing away on law enforcement. This includes overtime, travel reimbursement, lodging and meals for officers.
This issue is on federal jurisdiction, Brown said. The federal authorities are in control of the situation and I would expect that the state of Oregon would be reimbursed.
Once again, the big old mean gov-mint and the law-abiding adults of the world are forced to bail out a bunch of criminally stupid failures in life. Of course sucking off the government while hypocritically slamming the government is nothing new to Ammon Bundy.
Brown is doing everything she can to ensure that Oregon taxpayers won’t ultimately be on the hook for the entire cost of the angry white guy with small man parts occupation.
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