American Gun Nuts Cheer British MP’s Assassination For ‘Proving’ Gun Control Doesn’t Work

In their desperation to prove that gun control laws won’t stop gun violence, American ammosexuals have reached a new low, even for them. On Thursday, Jo Cox, a member of the British Parliament, was shot and stabbed by a man screaming “Britain First!” She subsequently died of her injuries. “Britain First” is the name of a far right political party whose rhetoric is eerily similar to Donald Trump’s. They oppose immigration and particularly fear Muslims taking over the country. They would very much like for Britain to leave the European Union, a move that Cox opposed and is presumably why she was targeted.

So what we have here is a political assassination. The same kind of terrorism that we’re supposed to horrified by. But, true to their nature, American gun humpers were practically cheering the murder because, hey, the guy used a gun so that MUST mean Britain’s gun laws are totally pointless!

Wonkette helpfully pointed us to twitter to gape in disgust:

And on and on and on and on that goes.

I know they think they’re being clever here but all they’ve done is shown just how little they value human life compared to their fetish for guns. These are not rational people and they should not be treated as a legitimate political force. They’re fanatics and a disgrace to this nation.

It shouldn’t need to be restated but clearly Americans gun culture has rotted the brains of its most devoted adherents. Pay attention now. I’m going to use small words for you: Gun control is not meant to stop ALL gun violence. Nothing can stop ALL gun violence. No one is saying we can stop ALL gun violence. We are saying, pay attention now, that gun control can stop SOME gun violence. In fact, when done the right way, it can stop MOST gun violence. But not ALL gun violence. That’s why Britain had around 146 gun deaths in 2011 while the US had over 33,000. Sure, Britain has 1/5 the population of the United States but somehow they have less than half of one percent of gun deaths in comparison.

Was that too confusing? Perhaps you should stop inhaling all that gun smoke.

It’s fairly obvious that the gun humpers are in a state of panic over the Orlando shooting. The public’s anger towards the proliferation of guns on our streets has reached the breaking point and even Republicans and Fox News are starting to wonder out loud if maybe we should do something about it. Republicans even agreed to hold a vote on real gun legislation after a 15-hour Democratic talking filibuster.

With few allies left, American barrel fondlers are showing just how sick and twisted they are by rejoicing in the death of a woman they’ve never even heard of until she was brutally gunned down. They really are the worst America has to offer and the sooner they become pariahs, the better for all of us.

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