A Rush Limbaugh Listener Finally Had It And Calls Him Out On Rush’s Own Show (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh famously says that all callers will get through, but anecdotally, I know of no liberals who have gotten past the screeners and, well, many of Limbaugh’s callers are paid to agree with the bloviator. That’s why it’s almost unheard of to hear a Limbaugh caller criticize the radio host, but it happened on Tuesday, following President Obama’s speech on gun control.

CALLER: The issue I have with what you said was you said as a result of Obama’s speech today, that if you have a mentally disabled person in your home, the laws change on how you store your guns and ammunition. However, I can only speak to the state of Illinois. I am a health care professional and a law abiding citizen and I have our Illinois statutes printed out every year, because they change, and that was on the books years ago. So, nothing changed and your statement of as a result of his speech today you will have to do such and such. At least for the state of Illinois, it’s been that way for quite some years.

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Well, right. Wait, you’re getting confused because three years ago is when it began — doctors and nurses, but doctors specifically were asked by virtue of Obamacare to start asking patients where their guns were in their houses if they had them and where the ammunition was–

CALLER: No, no. I got that pamphlet in the mail. So you’re telling a half-truth, at least for my state — a half-truth for my state. You need to get the information from the pamphlets that were sent out to health professionals at that time for each state. And we weren’t — it does not say you ask where the gun is. It asks sensible things like “are you going to hurt yourself?” If they are, of course, stupid enough to say yes, you’re, you know — do you have access to ways — are you planning on hurting someone else? But nothing on that says that I have to ask him, “Where is your gun?” and so forth. I got that information and that was from my state, not from Obama. That was from my state, and I know federal trickles down to state, but I take a little issue with some of your blanket statements when most of it was common sense prior to that, but it is state statute in Illinois a long time ago that if, say grandma has dementia and she lives with you, that you have a certain way to store that, and that’s just called gun responsibility.

Source: Media Matters

Rush’s statement has a grain of truth, but only a grain. New laws enable, but don’t require, doctors to report the names of mentally ill people to the FBI. Guns are not going to be taken away, unless there is immediate danger, but it’s possible that a mentally ill person could be prevented from buying a gun and only Rush Limbaugh and an army of ammosexuals could disapprove of that.

Here’s the audio:

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