A-Hole Bill O’Reilly Says People Were Murdered In Oregon Because We’re A Free Country (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly couldn’t be bothered to wait one day before he went on the attack against gun control. In the insensitive, condescending manner he’s so accustomed to, O’Reilly declared that “no public policy” is going to stop gun violence in America. He points out that Roseburg, Oregon is a relatively safe and peaceful place, which he doesn’t understand helps make the point FOR gun control laws.

O’Reilly says that because Roseburg is rural and pretty, residents are forced to have guns because police protection is so far away. He says that here in America, it’s our 2nd amendment that allows deranged people to murder at will, because guns are legal. He then shrugs it off as if that’s just a fact of life that Americans need to accept.

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Americans don’t want to accept some “simple truth”,that thousands of us are going to die because Bill O’Reilly thinks it’s our duty as a nation to offer up a certain number of sacrificial lambs to the altar of gun violence. Americans want background checks, limits on magazine volumes and loopholes closed that allow criminals and psychopaths to buy arsenals at flea markets.

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Watch Bill O’Reilly make a complete fool of himself on gun control, as usual:

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