5-Year-Old Shoots Infant Brother In The Head With Unsecured Gun

Another day, another child dead due to  an unsecured weapon. A 9-month-old boy lost his life after his 5-year-old brother shot him in his crib with an unsecured .22 caliber magnum revolver in his grandfather’s house.

The incident happened on Monday in Nodaway County, Missouri. Four children were staying at their grandfather’s house with their mother when the shooting occurred.

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The 5-year-old found the gun on a built-in headboard in the master bedroom, picked it up and it discharged, hitting the infant in the head. The mother, Alexis Widerholt, was in the kitchen when she heard a gunshot.

She apparently ran into the living room and found three of her children, one of them was playing with a paintball gun. She then went into the master bedroom and found the infant with a wound.

She called 911 just before 9 a.m. and asked for an ambulance for her child who she thought had been hit by a paintball. When police arrived they discovered it was an actual gunshot wound; the baby was airlifted to a hospital but subsequently pronounced dead.

Sheriff Darren White said police found multiple unsecured weapons in the home. He said that the town, Elmo, is very rural and guns are common but most people practice gun safety.

“We are big supporters of firearms around here,” White said. “We live in a rural area. We have a lot of people who own weapons. They hunt. They shoot. Most people are very safe with them, and this is one of those cases where everything went together in the wrong way.” [Source]

Unfortunately that was not the case here and now a child is dead because of it.

It’s very sad that this mother lost her child and I’m sure she’s in an imaginable amount of pain. As a mother, I feel sorry for her, however she isn’t blameless.

Remember when she heard the gunshot she ran into the living room and found another one of her kids playing with a paintball gun. Her children are 5, 3, 2, and 9 months. This means that a toddler was playing with a paintball gun while the 5-year-old was playing with a revolver.

In what world is that okay?

This is is a perfect example of idiotic, irresponsible ammosexuals letting their love of guns create an unsafe living environment for kids.

Sure the guns belonged to the grandfather but the mother obviously knew they were in the home.

I come from a family of gun lovers. When my child visits my parents, their gun is locked in a safe. It’s a really simple safety measure and guess what? My son has never shot himself or anyone else.

There is absolutely no excuse for these  things to happen. This wasn’t an accidental shooting, it was neglect.

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