2 Father And Son ‘Good Guy’ Teams Get In A Shootout In A Gun Store Over 25 Bucks.

An ammosexual father and son team walked into a gun store in Picayune, Mississippi. Yeah, it sounds like the opening to a bad joke. Actually, it’s the opening to an extremely sad story of stupidity and death over a few bucks that you’ll only read about in America.

The two men went to pick up a firearm the store had repaired for them, apparently not too pleased at the $25 fee. after an argument with the shop owner’s wife, the shop owner and his son were called to the scene to settle the dispute. How do two father and son teams settle a dispute over a gun in a gun store? Why…with guns. How else?

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At some point weapons were drawn and the shooting began. The 2nd Amendment was saved once again as the customers proved they weren’t going to stand for the tyrannical gun store owners and their unreasonable fees. The shop owner and his son were killed. The customer and his son were airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The wife wasn’t hit and so far there is no indication that any guns were harmed.

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A local deputy sheriff said that there was apparently some pushing and shoving that escalated into weapons being drawn, but they were uncertain who shot first. After the story broke on the Picayune Sun Herald, readers were torn between the event being a tragic loss of life or simple natural selection.

A student from Purdue University said:

Good things these guys all had guns, eh? Somebody might have gotten hurt.

Guns nuts are always quick to point to times when the presence of a gun deterred a crime.

But I wonder how many times stupid crap like this happens strictly BECAUSE there is a gun present.

He was swiftly met with criticism by an obvious gun enthusiast who replied:

Too bad my computer doesn’t have a brightness control, doesn’t seem to help this idiot. Mommy is probably paying this clown’s fees to remain in college even though he’s 73!

That pretty much sums up the left versus right argument; the left offering an anecdote while the right calls them names. Neener. Neener. Neener.

Two men are dead, their family in ruins and two more critically wounded, most likely looking at some form of charges against them. It’s no laughing matter; it’s just another typical day in America.

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