WATCH: What The Media Is Getting Wrong About Baltimore (VIDEO)

If you haven’t been following the YouTube channel of Derrick Jaxn, you should. He’s a star in the making. He’s young, handsome and incredibly intelligent. He’s able to explain the uniquely African-American experience in ways even white people should be able to understand – at least if we want to.

Not only is Jaxn a civil rights activist, he’s a feminist. In this video, he tells women why they shouldn’t submit to their husbands.

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He often speaks in spoken words. In this one, he talks about why women don’t give men a chance. Hint: it’s because there aren’t enough men who deserve a second chance.

Jaxn has appeared on CNN. In this interview, he spoke about police brutality and growing up black.

Naturally, Jaxn has had a lot to say about the protests (yes, protests, not riots) in Baltimore. He was there and he posted two videos telling the real story. Much of the rioting was instigated by white people. My favorite quote? “Did slaves ask nicely for their justice?” Of course not.

This is the second of the Baltimore videos. Again, he addresses the biased coverage of the media.

Listen to this guy. He knows what he’s talking about, and he tells the real story of what is happening in Baltimore.

Featured image via YouTube video.

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