Un-Freaking-Believable: Fox Hack Hannity Blames Jon Stewart For Spring Break Rape (VIDEO)

Fox “News,” in all their apocalyptic fantasies, is absolutely obsessed with spring break, which they think is nothing but drinking, sex and general depravity. Well, it is, but it’s not like this generation invented spring break.

Last year, Jon Stewart called Fox, and specifically Sean Hannity, out for their hypocritical obsession with spring break.

Here’s a sample:

Fast forward a year and Fox is obsessed with a gang rape that happened last month in Florida. I think you’ll find it interesting that for all the rape apologizing Fox does, the one they’re outraged about has two African-American suspects, but that doesn’t make it any less horrible, although I have to say their coverage is loaded with schadenfreude and near glee.

Yes, Hannity and Fox are right that bad things, including a lot of rape, happens on spring break, but they are wrong if they believe that their titillating coverage of the spring ritual is some sort of public service. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they’re pretending it is, so it’s natural that they should blame liberals, and especially Jon Stewart, for the rape.

Hannity guest Gavin McInnes, who last month said the liberal ‘myth’ of gender equality made spring break more dangerous for women, pointed the finger of blame at Stewart. In a segment that aired in March 2014, Stewart lampooned ‘America’s oldest hall monitor’ Hannity for his fixation on college students’ antics.

Jon Stewart and all these other smug liberals that were laughing the whole time are exactly the same as the bystanders that walked by,’ McInnes said. ‘They have the same blood on their hands.’

“You’re right,” Hannity agreed. “They attacked our coverage and I wish we were wrong. I wish it was a joke. This isn’t a joke.”

H/T: Talking Points Memo | Featured Image via screen capture/Altered by If You Only News

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