Twitter Explodes After Mark Ruffalo Criticizes Women Who Say ‘I’m Not A Feminist’

If you’ve never swooned over Incredible Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo’s soothing voice or his combination of smart and cute, get ready. Ruffalo, who’s outspoken on several social issues, reposted a fairly controversial quote on feminism and Twitter exploded.

In a Tumbler post, Ruffalo re-posted a Facebook post from Libby Anne Bruce about women who claim that they aren’t feminists.

It wasn’t your typical polite Hollywood repost, either. Ruffalo, whose mother had an abortion while it was still illegal, in reposting, took women who take for granted the sacrifices of our foremothers to the virtual woodshed.

Bruce wrote of the women who went to jail fighting for the right to vote. She wrote of the fact that women weren’t able to own property, get a divorce, have access to birth control, and work. She wrote of the fact that domestic violence was accepted throughout society. She wrote how feminism has changed all our lives.

In the end, she had a simple message to all the women who run from the label “feminist”:

“In short, kiss my ass, you ignorant little jerks.”

Love it!

The Twitterverse wasn’t as happy, though.

Of course, all the women accusing Ruffalo of mansplaining feminism are wrong. The post was written by a woman – not that that would do anything to convince the “I’m not a feminist” crowd.

Earlier this month, Ruffalo found himself as an intermediary between director Joss Whedon and feminists. Many feminists complained about some of the character decisions made surrounding Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character in the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Whedon fired back:

Believe me, I have been attacked by militant feminists since I got on Twitter. That’s something I’m used to. Every breed of feminism is attacking every other breed, and every subsection of liberalism is always busy attacking another subsection of liberalism, because god forbid they should all band together and actually fight for the cause,” Whedon said. “I saw a lot of people say, ‘Well, the social justice warriors destroyed one of their own!’ It’s like, Nope. That didn’t happen.

Source: Variety


Ruffalo came to Whedon’s defense. He called Whedon a “deeply committed feminist” and an “advocate for women,” but he also acknowledged that we need more female superheroes and more storylines for women.

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