Tucker Carlson’s ‘Daily Caller’ Thinks We Should Only Take ‘Syria-sly Hot’ Refugees

The right-wing has been spewing an endless amount of anti-refugee rhetoric since the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday. They have said we should only accept Christian refugees. They have lumped all Muslims into the same group as ISIS. They have whined about scary children, but the conservative Daily Caller’s suggestion has got to be one of the most disgusting.

An article was posted on conservative hack Tucker Carlson’s propaganda site today, titled,”13 Syrian Refugees We’d Take Immediately.”

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This article — written by a woman — goes on to show the photos of thirteen beautiful Syrian woman. Before the women are listed, the author says:

While a growing list of governors are claiming they won’t allow Syrian refugees to enter their states, we think these women might make them change their minds.

They are Syria-sly hot.

When this article flashed across my computer screen I was enraged. We have children fleeing for their lives and this is what The Daily Caller decided to focus on? Are they f*cking serious?!

Millions of families have been displaced as a result of the Syrian war. Thousands of men, women and children have been ruthlessly murdered. Children have died as they try to swim to freedom and escape the unimaginable violence in the region and conservatives are trying to deny these people a safe place to live. Not because they are actual threats to national security. Not because of ISIS or some other terrorist organization, but because they are Muslim.

That’s right, these people who have been forced to live in hell — in part because of our actions — are being treated like garbage because the right-wing is full of bigoted assholes. As if this is what Jesus would do. HAH!

But instead of focusing on all of that, the misogynist imbeciles at The Daily Caller have decided that sex sells. They have decided that these thirteen women’s lives are worth more than millions of children, because they are “hot.”

This is a perfect example of everything that is fecking wrong with this country and I have to say, as someone who spends her day reading and watching a lot of bullshit from the GOP, this is by far the worst thing I have seen this week.

Bravo, Daily Caller. You have shown the rest of us how to successfully suck at life.

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