Trump Fan’s Awful Protest Sign Goes Viral, Proves Hillary Was Right To Call These People Deplorable

Trump’s diehard supporters stormed the RNC headquarters in Washington, D.C., after reports that the GOP is planning on abandoning Trump to save themselves. Furious to see their candidate go down in flames, this collection of Trump supporters carried signs and chanted the trite slogans popular at his rallies.

One protester among them stood out from the crowd for being particular deplorable. Wearing a muscle shirt and shades, a man was caught showing off a sign that seemed to endorse Trump’s boast about sexually assaulting women. The image – a white dude openly endorsing sexism – encapsulated a lot of what is wrong with the Trump movement. And instantly went viral.

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The sign reads “Better to Grab a P***y than to Be One” and just about sums up every bad thing Hillary Clinton and others have said about Trump’s basket of deplorables.

The rally itself was mostly peaceful, but the audacity of it infuriated Republicans inside. Shortly afterwards, it was reported that the organizer of the event was a Trump campaign staffer. He was quickly fired.

It’s not hard to understand why. As Republicans continue to abandon Trump in droves, the image of a group of Trump’s worst supporters gathering to harass them outside their offices was not going to help him stop the bleeding.

As if further proving how disordered this situation is, reports of Corey Stewart being fired was news to Corey Stewart. Republicans, in a state of civil war, somehow managed to botch even this.

What a circus.

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