Pro-Rape Scumbags Call Off Rally After Women’s Boxing Club Says They Will Show Up

Scumbag Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, a pro-rape blogger, joins the ranks of complete and utter talentless attention wh*res who stir the pot for momentary web notoriety. This pathetic waste of perfectly good space has carved out REAL misogynistic positions on a sh*tty website called Return of the Kings, including an article advocating legalization of rape on private land.

Well, it seems this paragon of masculinity might want to change the name of the site to “The Return of Mommy’s Cellar Dwellers,” after a picture was shown of this modern-day Lothario donning a stained sweatshirt in his mommy’s home.

In any case, if there’s one thing that despicable and hopeless losers like Roosh have going for them, it’s the idea that many other despicable and hopeless losers will join him. But after scheduling an International Meetup Day for his fellow cellar-dwelling internet tough guys this weekend, Roosh appears to have pissed off the last group on earth he wants on his bad side: women boxers.

According to Toronto’s Metro News, Toronto Newsgirls boxing club decided that they too wanted to attend Roosh’s scheduled pro-rape rally. However, I’m guessing they wouldn’t be there to pass out pro-rape flyers and give free french kisses.

The photos of us will show women that being powerful is an option,” founder Savoy Howe told Metro News. And I think that’s what needs to happen against this d*****bag.

Well alright, alright, alright! Well, Roosh’s small man bits squad aren’t the quite the kings of masculinity as they think in their equally tiny brains, since it appears he canceled the rally after learning of the female boxers intentions to crash it.

After word of the Newsgirls’ plans spread, Roosh decided to cancel the meet-ups, writing that he can ‘no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend.’

So he’s saying that he’s worried about his personal safety and body being harmed? Maybe he can be Trump’s VP  if the bottom feeding blogging thing doesn’t work out.

Featured image via Instagram (altered)

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