Pro-Rape Blogger Doxxed By Anonymous, Says He Is Scared For His Safety, Cancels Worldwide ‘Tribal Meetings’

Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh, the pro-rape blogger who organized meet-ups for his anti-woman group in 43 countries around the world, has canceled his events because of threats and now he has allegedly been doxxed by Anonymous (or people associated with the hacktivist group) revealing that the self-proclaimed “king of masculinity” lives at home in his mommy’s basement.

Protests against Valizadeh have taken place in several countries and after multiple threats, including a female boxing group promising to show up for the “tribal meetings,” this tough guy canceled his worldwide events out of fear for the safety of himself and his misogynistic buddies.

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Valizadeh has advocated for rape to be made legal on private property, claiming it would decrease the prevalence of sexual assault and change the rape culture because women would be more careful and make better choices.

Following the release of his personal information on social media, (which by the way is a practice we do not support, as placing any human being in danger is not okay,) Valizadeh received death threats prompting him to call the police for help.

When the police arrived, Valizadeh answered the door of his mommy’s house in a sweat stained t-shirt and shorts, the epitome of manliness.

He told officers he had been receiving threatening messages through email and voicemails from people around the world, and now he was scared. Some of the messages said Valizadeh would be “shot, stabbed or have his home burned down.” Another said “We will kill you if you come to our city.”

The self-described pick up artist told officer that he had wanted to get attention from the disgusting rhetoric he spewed out on his blog, but he had never banked on the angry backlash it would cause, and now he is afraid.

In an online statement, he apologized to all the sexist men who planned to attend the event, but said that he had no choice but to cancel because he could “no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend.”

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