Man Has Been Paying 13 Years Of Child Support For Kid That’s Not His (VIDEO)

A Houston man has been paying child support for over 13 years for a kid he has never even met. Even more shockingly, he had a DNA test and there is a zero percent probability the kid is his.

Oh, but the story gets worse. Willie Carson is behind on his child support and even though the courts have relieved him of future payments, he still owes $21,000 in back payments – all because the little girl’s mother put his name on the birth certificate.

At this point, even the girl’s mother is saying that Carson shouldn’t have to pay.

Here’s the video:

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

Men’s rights advocates are undoubtedly all over this story as proof that the system is stacked against them, but this injustice was perpetrated by the courts, whose interests in this case, are the state’s. They simply want someone who isn’t the state of Texas to pay for the child and it almost doesn’t matter who it is.

H/T: MyFoxPhilly. | Featured image via video screenshot

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