Lying Bastard Who Made Planned Parenthood Videos Just Got His A$$ Handed To Him In Court

David Daleiden, the lying piece of filth that created the fake Planned Parenthood videos, just got some severely bad news slapped across his face by a U.S. District Judge.


Judge William Orrick ruled that the secretly recorded videos from the Center for Medical Progress contained nothing illegal or anything that alluded to criminal activity by Planned Parenthood or its employees. This shuts down, yet again, virtually every Republican argument that uses these videos as its base. How many times have they been debunked now? Four? Five? Will Republicans ever accept it?

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However, what is extremely significant is that the judge also ruled these videos could put providers at risk. Citing the recent mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic, death threats doctors have received and a suspected arson at another facility, the judge made it clear that these videos are motivating people to engage in domestic terrorism.

The ruling, in this case, is important. David Daleiden and his organization could potentially be held criminally liable for further crimes where the videos were a motivating factor.

Catherine Short, attorney for Daleiden and his fellow propagandists, took the usual right-wing cop-out and claimed that there is no direct proof any crimes were motivated by their videos. Considering the Planned Parenthood mass shooter said, “no more baby parts” when he was arrested, it’s a wonder how she keeps her law license.

It’s beyond dispute that this material is of significant public interest,” Short said. “I don’t think this court should be saying the public can’t handle the truth. (Source: CBS News)

Attorney Short summed up the entire argument for these videos to keep being promoted with her statement. “Significant public interest” is her only motivating factor. They simply do not care how many women live in terror or get killed, as long as they can peddle their right-wing pornography.

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