Judge Tells Dad He Belongs In The 50s For Suing Over A Pink Concert

I have a confession: I adore Pink. Pink is strong, confident and holds the type of values I would love to instill in impressionable girls.

One New Jersey father disagrees. He took his ex-wife to court because she took their daughter to a Pink concert. His claim was that it was some sort of child abuse. The judge thought he was a crackpot. Okay, that wasn’t technically in the story, but we can all read between the lines.

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The father claimed that the Pink concert was inappropriate parenting because she sometimes swears (as if a 12-year-old who has survived a divorce and joint custody hasn’t heard every four letter word out there) and has some sexual themes.

The mother countered that after realizing her daughter was a fan, she watched several videos and found Pink’s shows to be age appropriate and having “significant gymnastics and aerial aerobics,” which her daughter is interested in.

According to the mother, there were lots of other parents and daughters and at one point, Pink had a little girl come up on to the stage so she could sing her happy birthday.

The Judge issued a 37 page decision in which he talked about the need for a child’s artistic horizons to be expanded. He said that parents should take their children to concerts, theaters, cinemas, museums and libraries.

The Judge also implied that the father was stuck in the rock and roll dark ages of the 50s, when he said that rock music is now a cultural mainstay but in the early years of the genre, parents thought it would corrupt their children.

He then went on to evoke the societal objections to artists like Elvis, the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones (Pink has to love that) and that the idea that the “musical works of these rock artists would somehow hurt or morally corrupt America’s youth were, in time, rendered essentially obsolete.”

In the end, though, the Judge ruled that it was up to each parent, to decide individually, what was appropriate (within the law) for their daughter on the days they had custody.

Of course, it’s also possible that the father’s objection wasn’t to the music, the dancing or the swear words. Pink is fierce and the father sounds like the type of man that might fear fierce women.

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