Gawker Beauty-Shames Oscar Nominee’s Girlfriend, Readers Say ‘Suck A D*ck, Gawker’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Director Wes Anderson brought his girlfriend along to the Oscars. His movies were nominated for multiple awards, including Best Picture, but Gawker’s Defamer nominated his guest for a hateful and rather ridiculous serving of shame as dished out by Leah Finnegan.

Apparently, writer, illustrator, and actress Juman Malouf did not meet Finnegan’s standards of beauty in that she didn’t paint herself up like a clown or wear flashy clothing to the event:

Wes Anderson, a mouse-man and also a movie director, is at the Oscars tonight with a decidedly “alt” looking woman. HMMM. How did she get in? Who is she? Is she a spy? My viewing companion says she looks like a two-bit Rachael Leigh Cook, but I am impressed by her hair, which looks natural, her face, which looks natural, her willingness to be myopic in public, and her vintage wedding dress.

Finnegan noted that Anderson “dedicated The Grand Budapest Hotel to her. Isn’t that nice.”

Of course, Anderson is dating an intelligent, artistic, and successful woman who got to attend the Oscars. On the other hand, Finnegan’s primary claim to fame is that she “has a good Instagram account and hates the right people,” as Gawker announced when she was hired. Finnegan’s job responsibility, as outlined in a staff memo, is “helping each of you fake intelligence and sophistication day to day.”

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Gawker’s audience, upon viewing the article with the sardonic leadin, “She looks nice,” unleashed a torrent of faith-in-humanity-restoring comments on the “f*cking rag.”:

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Apparently, this is one of the “right people” Finnegan hates — an intelligent, talented, and beautiful woman who chose not to cave to the social norm of piling ninety pounds of makeup on one’s face — a woman who has already achieved more success than this miserable excuse for a human ever will.

As for Finnegan

She’s pretty…I guess.

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