Excuse Me While I Destroy This Rape-Shaming, Misogynist Meme Conservatives Are Sharing (IMAGES)

How is it that in the year 2016 we could possibly be in a place where ANYONE would condone or defend raping a woman under any circumstance? Ask a conservative. They seem to think they need to make every issue about politics and the white American male’s inalienable right to do whatever the f*ck they want.

With extreme stupidity comes an extreme lack of responsibility and judgement. Case in point: this incredibly insensitive and ridiculously insensitive meme that suggests that if a woman has been drinking and is sexually assaulted, it’s a “poor choice” on her behalf and, therefore, her own fault:

rowdy derp

Imagine if being an ignorant douchebag excluded every conservative who shared this meme thinking for a second there’s some kind of logic to it from the ridicule of people who understand that an intoxicated “no” is still “no.” These asshats like to imply that this issue, which centers mostly around the rape culture on college campuses, would be a non-issue if women would either just stop enjoying themselves or concede that having a spirited beverage is the same as telling anyone looking to take advantage of a drunk youngster to go for it.

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It’s ludicrous, disgusting and inconceivable that something as delusional as this meme would do anything but flutter and die but alas — conservatives love their stupidity almost as much as they love their guns. If their favorite Facebook page says a woman drinking and driving is the same as her being raped it must be true. Never once will they consider the utter foolishness of the concept.

A woman who drinks and drives is committing a crime; a dangerous one at that. A woman makes what these imbeciles consider a “choice” to have sex, which is asshole code for “it doesn’t matter what she said, she’s drunk and, therefore, fair game,” is the victim of a sex crime. What the conservative shallow mind doesn’t want to or have the ability to understand is that this isn’t some issue where college girls are waking up ashamed of a choice, they’re waking up having been assaulted without being given a choice or after clearly saying “no.”

Anyone who believes otherwise should have their head examined. Rape is never a choice a woman would make. Being inebriated doesn’t negate a person’s human and civil rights. If a woman is passed out, blackout drunk and you decide she’s your toy for the evening you’re noot having sex, you’re exerting your power over a defenseless human being, which is exactly what drives a rapist.

Shame on the person whose impotence made this meme. Shame on the people who have shared it.

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