WATCH: Rush Limbaugh’s Brother Thinks Saving A Woman’s Life Is Extreme (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh has a brother who is, apparently, just as insane as he is, if not more so. David Limbaugh appeared on Fox Business and spouted off about the evils of abortion. Host Ashley Webster asked Limbaugh how he felt about Jeb Bush saying he’d go back and kill baby Hitler, and Ben Carson saying he’s against abortion in all circumstances. Limbaugh replied with:

I think it’s a trap. The pro-abortionists always want to lay a trap by pointing to the worst, the most egregious examples and exceptions — saving a mother’s life, incest, and all that.

Because pregnancies and childbirth almost never endanger the life of a woman. Right.

Webster agreed with Limbaugh that this was extreme, which shows the depths to which the anti-choicers will sink to make their arguments. What’s interesting is these same people rail against same-sex couples adopting children, saying that children do best when they’re in a two-parent, straight household. How does that jibe with letting the mother die because her baby’s life was more important? It doesn’t.

Also, this is possibly worse hypocrisy than that which surrounds their pro-birth, anti-child stance. Once a child is in the world, these morons don’t care. They want children in two-parent households, but only if the pregnancy is normal and the mother’s life is safe. If she’s in danger, tough. Let her die! Her fault anyway, right? That seems to be how they think.

In fact, it’s doubtful that they think at all. Watch Limbaugh’s comments below, but prepare to be sick to your stomach:

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