Domestic Violence Survivor Throws Out First Pitch At Ball Game Then Gets Proposal From Man Who Saved Her Life (VIDEO)

Three years ago, Melissa Dohme of St. Petersburg, Florida undoubtedly thought she was at the end of her rope, if not the end of her life.

Her boyfriend at the time brutally stabbed her 32 times. Richard Lee Burton was sent to prison for his crime, but that’s not the story.

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The first responder who came to save Dohme would soon turn into the love of her life.

Monday night, Dohme was invited to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game when they played the New York Yankees. That was probably thrilling enough, but the real surprise came when that first responder, Cameron Hill, surprised her on the way to the mound, dropped on one knee, handed her a baseball and said, “will you marry me?”

She said yes.

Here’s the video:

Not only is Dohme’s love life happy, since the attack, she has become an advocate for victims of domestic violence. She works for an organization called Hands Across the Bay, which helps entire families and individual victims of all types of crises.

She is now a nationally renowned speaker and she has appeared on several TV talk shows in support of domestic violence victims.

You can see her public Facebook page here.

Featured image via Fox Sports video screenshot.

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