DIY Abortions: The Consequence Of Texas Republicans’ ‘Pro-Fetus’ Policies

Conservatives in Texas have been using HB2 — bill introduced to limit a woman’s right to choose — to push their own personal agendas. While this is nothing new, it is creating an array of concerns.

Since Texas passed the bill in 2013, more than half of its 41 abortion clinics have closed — depriving women of not only their right to choose, but affordable women’s health care. The conservatives pushing their beliefs onto the people of Texas have state advocates worried that it will lead to more closings which could cause a spike in performing abortions on themselves.

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According to a report released by the Texas Policy Evaluation Policy, a recent study found that the number of women in Texas alone, who have attempted their own abortion to be at least 100,000, but as many as 240,000.

The study explores the correlation between the number of self-induced abortions and the rise in abortion restrictions. Between 2008 and 2012, there was a reported 5 percent increase in attempted abortions as restrictions grew.

Dr. Daniel Grossman, an assistant clinical professor in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of California, San Francisco was co-author of this study and finds the restrictions cause more harm:

This is the latest body of evidence demonstrating the negative implications of laws like HB2 that pretend to protect women but in reality place them, and particularly women of color and economically disadvantaged women, at significant risk

As CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, Amy Hagstrom is leading the way as a plaintiff in the HB2 case that is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court. She states that Texas’ abortion restrictions have lead to a rise in self-induced abortions — leaving women’s health at risk from DIY methods in order to terminate a pregnancy.

Nobody should be denied safe and compassionate care based on her zip code. But that’s exactly what’s been happening.

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According to Grossman, the study found that when it came to why these women risked a self-induced abortion they had one thing in common-poverty.

Texas’ decision to close affordable clinics, leaving limited access to affordable care, has proven dangerous to hundreds of thousands of women in Texas alone. So let’s not pretend that conservatives actually care about women’s right or lives.

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