Dick’s Sporting Goods Gets Schooled By 12-Year Old Girl For Lack Of Women In Its Catalog

Dick’s Sporting Goods received a solid lashing over their latest basketball catalog. The catalog, according to The Huffington Post, drew the ire of a 12 McKenna Peterson, a basketball player, because it was marketed almost entirely towards male athletes. Upon realizing that Dick’s basketball catalog only contained some cheerleaders on coupons (not even in the magazine),

Peterson decided she wasn’t going to take this lying down. She took it upon herself to write a very strongly worded letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods about the problem. The letter, which her father posted to Twitter, pointed out the fact that we have world-class female athletes, and that female athletes are worthy of equal treatment in a sports catalog, considering that women’s sports are not exactly rare.


She also said that she thought her father might decide to take her to a sporting goods store that actually respects female athletes.

Dick’s Sporting Goods did reply, and it was less than satisfactory. McKenna’s father posted that letter to Twitter, too, and said that McKenna is not satisfied with merely a form letter.



That letter said:

“Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns,” the letter read. “We at Dick’s Sporting Goods take pride in being the premiere destination for all true athletes and apologize if that was not accurately reflected in the latest basketball catalog. We have taken your comments to heart and are currently reviewing our catalog process so we can do a better job in the future.”



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