Despite What Republicans Say, This Profession PROVES That Women Make Less Than Men

There are a handful of professions that have historically been dominated by women–one of those is nursing. You’d think, of all professions, nursing would be a mecca of wage equality–that women and men would be paid the same. Unfortunately, even in nursing, men make a lot more money.

Male nurses, according to a study by The Journal of American Medicine Association, shows that men make from $3,800 to $17,000 more per year than their female counterparts. On average, the discrepancy is about $5,000. Nurse anesthetists have the biggest wage gap and general hospital nurses, the smallest.

“I can’t understand it,” Tish Kilfoyle, director of home care nursing at Hospice of the Western Reserve in Cleveland, told TakePart. “It’s just wrong.”

As someone who hires nurses on a daily basis, Kilfoyle is confident her staff is paid according to their education and experience. “We have a scale that we pay all our nurses the same on, and it’s all on nursing experience and years of experience,” she said. But that doesn’t mean she’s surprised that male nurses still make more on occasion.

Source: Take Part

Republicans typically argue that the reason women make less than men is because we have a tendency to leave the job market to have children (a punishable offense, whether we choose to or choose not to, apparently), but that’s not the case here. Even accounting of all the variables, men in nursing earn about 8 percent more than women.

The reason, researchers theorize, has nothing to do with women having children or even our lack of negotiating skills; it’s that hospitals often have to fill quotas and might offer men extra incentives.

This isn’t the only study that dispels the idea that women earn less because we take breaks from our careers. The income gap is actually growing for millennials, most of whom haven’t had time to take the career respite. Overall, millennial women make about 73 cents to every dollar a man earns. That’s even a bigger gap than women overall, which is 77 cents to the dollar. College educated women do somewhat better, but only by about three cents.

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