Conservative Ignorance: Sexist Meme Goes Viral (IMAGES)

Conservatives are in a perpetual state of denial about their bigotry.  They’re not racist, black people are “thugs.”  They’re not selfish, the poor are taking all their money.  They’re not sexist, women don’t make enough sandwiches.

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Conservatives, in all their wisdom, have taken the complex issue of feminism and reduced it to the simple stereotype that a woman’s job is to make sandwiches.



While denying a war on women exists it’s always best to minimize the plight of those who are in a constant struggle for equality.  Republicans in red states are making sure that women, especially those in lower income brackets, have little to no say in their health care decisions.  The conservative Supreme Court has decided that employers don’t have to provide health insurance if that insurance pays for birth control.  The Republican-controlled House of Representatives repeatedly denies equal pay for women doing the same job as men.

All in the name of “keeping things fair.”  It’s not fair for women to expect the same treatment as men, because time off for raising a child lowers their “human capital” (a Koch Brothers trademark).  If women want the same treatment as men they should work harder…than men.

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Fewer than 600 people have been trained as astronauts…out of 6 billion+…This comment turns one into a sandwich maker


The issue is very real, and very disturbing, yet the dimwitted Republican base of “responsible conservatives” seems to be able to scoff at the notion of women’s rights and reduce them to sandwich makers.


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Comment by a fan of the Facebook page “The Revolution”


Because sandwiches are what’s really important to hard-working men who deserve them and can’t seem to figure out how to put ham and cheese between two pieces of bread.  Hopefully they’re at least willing to open the jar of mayonnaise since those poor weak women obviously can’t handle it.

Stop complaining, ladies.  It doesn’t matter that you work just as hard if not harder than men.  If you’re raising a child and stay at home you obviously do nothing all day but read Dr. Seuss and play with Legos.  When that man of yours comes home you had better make sure he gets the sandwich he so desperately deserves.


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Comment by a fan of the Facebook page “The Revolution”


If you think that’s bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  The comments go from dumb to downright offensive, and the replies are filled with “LOL” and “hahahaha funny.”  Because shaming women and treating them like objects is hilarious.


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The comments get more disgusting on the Facebook page “The Revolution”


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Objectifying women is trendy on "The Revolution"


And the worst of the worst. This despicable comment is the epitome of ignorance and shows just how childish the conservative mind is.


There are no words for how abhorrent this comment on “The Revolution” is.

At least one fan was having none of it.  Of course there’s the possibility that she isn’t a fan but someone who had to see this idiocy come across her timeline when someone she hopefully un-friended immediately shared it:

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One woman fights back with this comment on "The Revolution"

All conservatives aren’t sexists, but all sexists are conservatives.  If I were a Republican in favor of smaller government, fair market solutions and fiscal responsibility and had to conform to the platform of the modern GOP and the vapid vitriol of their base I’d have no choice but to give up…and vote Democrat.

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