Complete Disrespect: Media Never Mentions Hillary’s Mother In Headstone Vandalism

Disagreeing with Hillary Clinton’s politics may not have been enough for an overzealous right-wing hater. Police in Scranton, Pennsylvania are investigating what appears to be blatant vandalism of the tombstone of Clinton’s Parents, Hugh and Dorothy Rodham.

Paul McGloin, a Scranton resident, the caretaker of the Rodham plot for some time, alerted police when he drove by and saw the headstone laying on the ground.  McGloin told a local reporter:

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I pass by 5 or 6 times a day, because I live 2 blocks from here, and I couldn’t believe when I looked to see it was tipped over.

The funeral director who oversaw Hugh Rodham’s funeral said that weather may have been the cause. He also said that seemed highly unlikely, since there were no gusty conditions or major storms, the stone is solid granite, and McGloin saw it standing at 8 o’clock that morning.

We may never know who pulled off this act of pure disrespect. Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there.

Media completely neglects Clinton’s mother in headstone vandalism story.

Hugh Rodham wasn’t exactly an influential man. An educated survivor of the Great Depression and Navy Veteran, he lived an ordinary life, ran a successful business and retired to the Poconos. He was a staunch supporter of the Republican Party, even after his now-famous daughter married Bill Clinton.  He met his wife Dorothy in 1942 and they remained dedicated to one another until the day he died in 1993.

Dorothy Howell Rodham endured a miserable childhood, estranged from her mother and raised by her grandparents. Hillary Clinton has often attributed her works in child welfare to her mother’s own upbringing.

Dorothy married Hugh after a long courtship in 1947 and became a homemaker, raising three children. She was in essence a Democrat but kept it quiet, and lived an extremely full yet private life until her death in 2011 at 92.

Why is it a story about the vandalism of a headstone belonging to the parents of one of America’s strongest women completely neglects to even mention Dorothy?  Mrs. Clinton certainly isn’t ashamed of her mother, so why is the press so adamant about forgetting her?

The Rodhams are buried in Hugh’s hometown, even though he qualified to be buried at Arlington, in an aging cemetery that dons the family plot. Hugh’s parents are also buried there.

Shame on the press for not acknowledging the woman whose influence helped mold one of the most important women in modern history.

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