Wind Power Has Met 140% Of Denmark’s Electricity Needs (VIDEO)

Scientists in Denmark were wrong. The Scandinavian country is worlds ahead of most of the world, including the United States, in wind energy. Just three years ago, 28 percent of Denmark’s electrical needs came from renewable wind. They predicted that it would take till 2020 to meet even half their needs and until 2050 to meet 100 percent of their needs.

Here’s the video:

They met 144 percent of their needs one day just a few weeks ago. Furthermore, Denmark is now selling this renewable energy source to Norway, Germany and Sweden. In Germany, they have hydropower technology, with the capability to store any excess.

That day was a fluke, although they have produced more than 100 percent of their needs in the past, but on average, they are still well ahead of predictions. They produce about 75 percent of their needs from wind.

In the United States, wind energy comprises just 4.4 percent of our average needs. 67 percent is still from fossil fuels and almost 20 percent comes from nuclear energy. Wind is an unlimited resource. It’s clean and while the turbines can kill birds, they kill fewer birds than do cats or cell towers. Few are complaining about cell towers. It’s clear we have a lot to learn from Denmark.

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