WATCH: This Nebraska Farmer Shut Down Fracking Supporters With A Glass Of Water (VIDEO)

A farmer named James Osbourne from Nebraska had just three minutes to make his point to a committee deciding on whether or not to allow wastewater from out-of-state to be dumped in his backyard.  He did so quite brilliantly.

After a minute or so talking about the excellent water in Nebraska and how it’s one of the state’s most precious natural resources, Osbourne pours a little bit of pure, crystal-clear water into three cups.

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He then adds what he describes as “what would go into the water from a fracking spill” and explains the simple science behind how far and fast water travels through Nebraska.

When he adds the yellowish-brown sludge to the cups the crowd gasps.  He asks the committee, “Would you drink it?”

They decline to answer.

Osborne’s display apparently had some effect on the panel, as the proposal was tabled for further discussion.

Nebraska farmer shuts down fracking supporters with a display of what will become of their water.

H/T: Bold Nebraska’s YouTube Channel | Image: Screen Capture

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