WATCH: Scott Walker Gives Dumbest Replies Ever To 7 Year-Old Who Asked Him 2 Questions (VIDEO)

Gov. Scott Walker was asked two simple questions by a 7 year-old boy named Aaron Stark, currently in the second grade at Haycock Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia, during the CPAC 2015 event.

The first question was:

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If you were President, what would you do about climate change?

Here was Gov. Walker’s unintelligible response:

What would I do about that? Well….you know…I was a Boy Scout, and I always thought maybe campsites should be cleaner when we leave than when we found it, so I’d try to work with people that care about that issue to make sure we have a better place when we leave, than when we found it.

What kind of answer is that?

Is he just trying to be cute on camera, tailoring his response for a 7 year-old? If so, that is one thing. This, however, is something entirely different. The answer doesn’t have anything to do about climate change.

But, truth be told, Gov. Walker probably doesn’t understand how climate change works. If that’s the case, then this 7 year-old boy’s questions are enough to make Scott trip all over himself. 

The second question was:

Do you care about climate change?

Scott Walker takes a second to think about what he is going to say and then somehow comes up with this retort:

Ultimately to me, I want to make sure we have all the natural resources  as possible moving forward, just like I’ve done for everybody in Wisconsin, OK?

Way to go Scott! You could have easily answered the question on its merits alone, by saying how important it was to you, or anything really, other than what you actually said. Instead, you avoided the question entirely.

There really should be no surprise here, though. These are the same kinds of answers Republicans give to the voters when asked real questions. They give stupid answers, and somehow expect to get away with it.

Watch Gov. Walker make himself look like a big idiot:

H/T: Mike Stark | Featured Image: You Tube screen capture

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