WATCH Raw Footage Of Northern California ‘Valley Fire’ Inferno (VIDEOS)

In less than 48 hours, over 60,000 acres of land and dwellings have been mercilessly burned to the ground in the California wild fires. At this writing the fire is only 5% contained. This is happening in drought-stricken Northern California’s Lake County. According to Cal Fire, at least four hundred homes and hundreds of other structures have been destroyed, over 5,000 people are without power; plus there have been mandatory evacuations and at least a half dozen road closures. At least four people have been injured, and there is one reported death at this time.

Among the many losses in the fire is the clothing-optional resort of Harbin Hot Springs–now “reduced to ash.”

Over 1,200 firefighters from all across the State of California are on hand trying to control and douse this blaze, with little success in the hot, dry and windy conditions. Below is a map of the areas affected.

Valley Fire Map


A Youtube user who goes by the handle “mulletFive” (mullets are big in Lake County) has been chronicling the inferno with raw footage as the devastation progresses. In the first video below it starts with the driver getting in his vehicle and fastening his seat belt.

Warning: as the driver witnesses the devastation profanity is used in this raw, uncut video.


The second video shows that the devastation goes on and on:


And the third video shows what things are like as he gets closer to the more heavily populated area of Middletown. (Warning, more uncut profanity as the driver is in shock discovering the devastation.) The sky itself appears to be ablaze:


Be careful out there. As we have witnessed in other areas, there are opportunists including one man pretending to be an evacuee of the fire, taking supplies that should have gone to people who are really in need, as well as allegedly looting and stealing from actual evacuees.

California Governor, Jerry Brown, has been responding to climate deniers with science, facts and very real happenings affecting Californians. This is a horrific disaster, and while the exact cause is yet undetermined, the drought has certainly exacerbated this situation. Stay tuned.

Featured image via video screen capture from the first video above.

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