WATCH: Obama Urges ‘Climate-Deniers’ In Congress To ‘Take Science Seriously’ (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, President Obama made his Earth Day visit to the Florida Everglades. The president brought along special guest and TV science-educator Bill Nye “Science Guy.” The White House released an exclusive discussion-type interview on Friday of the two men discussing the importance of science education and climate change.

During the interview,President Obama took a break from being the interviewee and asked the well-known science educator his opinion on what should be done in the United States to get children more interested in science.

Bill Nye responded:

Teaching science [at] elementary level is very inexpensive, we fight these surprising problems about reading and arithmetic and standards problems and so on, it seems like a very solvable problem. We have to invest in the elementary grades.

The president added:

Part of it is also, I think, our culture has to support and elevate science. Sometimes what we see in the popular culture is, if not a denigration then not an emphasis on science.

The “Science Guy” also emphasized that in order to fuel kids’ interest in science, it is very important to invest in science education before they are 10 years old.

Although the interview was centered around the state of science in America, especially in public elementary school education, Obama had a few comments to make about “climate-deniers” in congress.

President Obama urged political leaders and lawmakers in congress to “take science seriously,” stating:

When I see members of Congress being part of the climate-denier clubs and basically stiff-arming what we know are facts — and not rebutting them with other facts but rebutting them with anecdote or just being dismissive.

Bill Nye was quick with the sarcastic response, “‘Oh, I’m not a scientist,” poking fun at the anti-climate change conservative argument.

Simply put, Obama’s logical response left no room for the typical conservative argumentative response:

I’m not a scientist, either, but I know a lot of scientists. I have the capacity to understand science. The capacity to look at facts and base my conclusions on evidence. Part of shifting our political culture I think, is we’ve gotta model for our kids that facts matter.

Watch the White House exclusive interview with President Obama and Bill Nye here:

Featured Image: Video Screenshot via Raw Story

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