WATCH: Monsanto Lobbyist Humiliates Himself On TV After Saying Roundup Is Safe To Drink (VIDEO)

A lobbyist for Monsanto went on French television and said that Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer is so safe that humans can drink it. When the interviewer pressed him on that point, he got angry and said that wasn’t what he was there to talk about. Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer has been known to cause health problems, and the agriculture giant has been fighting new health reports that put Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, in a bad light.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report saying that glyphosate puts people at high risk of cancer. Monsanto fired back quickly, saying that there was no new research or data used, that relevant data was excluded from the report, and that when all the relevant data is used, it shows no link at all between glyphosate and cancer. They also said that no other agency had reached that conclusion.

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The lobbyist in question, Dr. Patrick Moore, more or less echoed those remarks, and said that glyphosate was not increasing cancer rates in Argentina. The interviewer then decided to test Dr. Moore’s conviction…by offering him a glass of Roundup to drink. According to The Raw Story, the conversation went as follows:

‘You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you,’ Moore insists.

‘You want to drink some?’ the interviewer asks. ‘We have some here.’

‘I’d be happy to, actually,’ Moore replies, adding, ‘Not really. But I know it wouldn’t hurt me.’

‘If you say so, I have some,’ the interviewer presses.

‘I’m not stupid,’ Moore declares.

The interviewer presses him on whether he refuses to drink it because it’s dangerous, but Moore continues to insist it’s not, while also continuing to refuse to drink a glass. The interviewer does make a good point: If you’re going to claim that something is safe for human consumption, you better be willing to consume it yourself. Moore refusing to drink a glass of Roundup because he’s not stupid doesn’t really help his case any. The interview does not end well.

Watch below, from Canal+:


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