Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio — Climate Change Disaster Must Be Faced With ‘Courage And Honesty’ On A Global Scale (VIDEO)

Time to get in the way-back machine on this Throwback Thursday…

Leonardo DiCaprio came to the U.N. to speak last fall, and it was a brief but brilliant presentation. As an opener, he emphatically stated that he did not come pretending to be an expert but rather a concerned citizen. One who joined over 400,000 in New York that week and who represented billions of people in the world that are standing up for big changes in climate change policy.

As DiCaprio put it, this is “not a question of politics, but one of survival.” And that the “time to answer human kind’s biggest challenge is now, and we beg of you to do it with courage and honesty.”

Leo also made it clear that he wasn’t there to “debate” climate science but to give a call to action:

None of this is rhetoric and none of it is hysteria, it is fact. The scientific community knows it, industry knows it, governments know it,  even the United States Military knows it.  The chief of the US Navy’s Pacific command, Samuel Locklear recently said that climate change is our single biggest security threat.

He emphasized that this was not about buying a better light bulb or a hybrid car. Indeed, according to DiCaprio, this was a disaster that has grown beyond individual token purchases but something that must be handled on a large, global scale by industries and governments.

Watch Leo HERE:

DiCaprio was representing the United States as it’s newly appointed “Messenger of Peace” and was attending the U.N.’s Climate Change Summit. Time will tell whether the U.N. and the world will heed Leo’s call.

Featured image: via YouTube screengrab

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