Watch: Jon Stewart Destroys Chris Christie Over His Cozy Exxon Relationship (VIDEO)

N.J. Governor Chris Christie might be able to hoodwink the corn-fondling voters of Iowa with his tired “strong leadership” song and dance, but he’s not fooling Jon Stewart. Stewart, a Jersey boy, himself, and current resident of Rumson, New Jersey, took the gargantuan governor to task over the present he gift wrapped to Exxon — a big fat potential 2016 campaign donor — at the expense of the environment and residents of New Jersey.

Since his 2016 power lust is way more important than the people of New Jersey, Christie blatantly interfered with his state’s $9 billion lawsuit against oil giant Exxon Mobil when he let them off the hook for billions.

Jon has a special place in his heart for New Jersey and doesn’t mess round when it comes to politicians running roughshod over it, especially not from a Governor who uses it as a springboard for the presidency.

Watch Jon take down Christie below:


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