WATCH: John McCain Got Chased Off Reservation By Navajo Activists (VIDEO)

John McCain was going to have a meeting with the Navajo Nation President and Vice President, regarding a discussion about establishing a Navajo Code Talker museum.

The Navajo had other more pressing matters on their mind. Their water supplies have been poisoned by lead, mercury, and arsenic from Gold King mine spill, and they were pressing him on why the government response to the disaster was so slow. Also, McCain was pressured on the fact that he personally slipped a deal into the “must pass” National Defense Authorization Act, which would give away a large parcel of land that includes an area called Oak Flat, which is a sacred site for the Apache people, to a foreign mining company.

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John McCain came to setup a museum about the exploitation of Native American people by the US government, after he personally gave away their land against their will.

This has to be tied to the same condition that caused him to pick Sarah Palin as his VP. Yes after just authorizing further theft of land from Native Americans, John McCain thought it would be a good idea to go meet with them. Seriously, what is wrong with this guy?

It all culminated in the following scene, where amid chanting and the sound of drum beats, the people chased McCain back to his car. Police tried to intervene but the protesters moved past them and ended up literally running him off their land. As usual, your average Republican does everything they can to steal from the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and downtrodden, then offers them something trivial with the expectation that it will cause them to be loved by the masses. Bread and circuses.


Featured Image via YouTube Screen Capture

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