WATCH: Fox News’ Token White Immigrant Throws Hissy Fit When Pope Francis Praises Obama (VIDEO)

Fox News’ smug whiner, Stuart Varney, had a bit of a temper tantrum on TV during a short discussion about Pope Francis meeting with President Obama.

The shrill tones and spluttering whines were profound. You would have thought that the Pope rolled a doobie with the Declaration of Independence.

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Commenters accused Pope Francis of supporting the establishment of “world authorities” that would supersede America’s national authority, and accused him of hating America because he is from Argentina.

What was all this about? The Pope had the nerve to compliment Obama on his climate initiatives. That is all.

Varney then complained heavily over the fact the Pope did not talk about finance or the markets. What exactly does the Pope have to say about that besides being critical of crony capitalism and massive income inequality? He also accused the Pope of wanting to hurt poor people by increasing the price of energy in developing nations.

Then, Varney complained that the Pope was not telling him how to save his soul, while another panelist complained that she needed to know how to get into heaven. Do they actually get paid to do this on TV?

Watch the group hissy fit in this video:

Featured Image: Youtube Screen Capture

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