WATCH: Florida Disaster Chief Won’t Say ‘Climate Change’ In Hearing – Committee Cracks Up (VIDEO)

Rick Scott has banned the use of the term “climate change” by state employees. Two Florida State Senators thought it would be funny to try to goad Scott’s Disaster Chief into saying those two terrible words.

It was.  Hilarious.

Brian Koon, Chief of the Florida Division of Emergency, struggled at times, but made it through without uttering the words that could get him fired. When one Senator (Senators aren’t state employees) asked Koon if he was aware that the state could lose federal funding without a plan for mitigating climate change, Koon answered that the state would need to address “language to that effect.”

The other senator asked “what were those words?” The first, coming to the Chiefs aid, said:

I used ‘climate change,’ but I’m suggesting as a state we might use‘ atmospheric reemployment.’

Governor Scott has made a laughing-stock out of his state and its legislative process, which is good news for those of us who enjoy a good laugh.

Rick Scott’s Disaster Chief refuses to say ‘climate change.’

H/T: Occupy Democrats | Image: Screen Capture From YouTube


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