WATCH: Chris Christie Yells At Young Woman For Quoting His Own Comments To Him (VIDEO)

Chris Christie really can’t get out of his own way. Recently, the professional bully got into an argument in which he berated a young woman who had the nerve to quote Christie’s own statement back to him.

Christie said on Aug 4, 2015 that human beings’ breathing contributed to climate change, and it is documented in the video below.

The climate’s been changing forever, and it will always continue to change. Does human activity contribute to it? Of course it does. We all contribute to it in one way or the other. By breathing we contribute to it.

This is the very statement that he is now denying he ever said. After being informed by the young woman that she was physically present to witness it, he told her, “Then you need to clean out your ears, young lady.”

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Christie must have recalled the event soon afterwards, because he desperately tried to change the subject to the fact New Jersey has a high rate of solar power adoption, and kept pressing this issue rather than respond to the actual question put to him.

Watch the video below. NextGen compiled a mashup of the two videos for comparison and it is just hilarious to see this blowhard bully and elected troll get completely embarrassed.

Featured Image: YouTube Screen Capture
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