WATCH Bill Nye Wonderfully Mock People That Send Him REALLY Dumb Tweets (VIDEO)

In a country where Donald Trump is the presidential favorite and where talentless morons like Sarah Palin and Kim Kardashian get TV shows, you sometimes feel like you have to go to Tibet to find some sort of meaning. That said, it’s just so VERY cathartic when an actual hard working, talented and intelligent human being manages to slip through the cracks in our culturally and intellectually bankrupt country. But it’s just so much cooler when that individual happens to be a sarcastic scientist who can dance and makes wearing bow ties cool. I’m referring of course to Bill Nye, the famous scientist and expert on climate change.

Being a notable person who firmly believes in climate change and evolution, Bill Nye is frequently subject to utterly moronic and bizarre attacks on Twitter from bottom-feeders who are disgusted by facts and logic. You know, Republicans. Nye may look frail and diffident, but he’s not afraid to take on these trolls lie a boss. While feeding a troll is never good for one’s mental health, Nye effortless confronted them all in this funny video below.


Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube

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