Watch Bernie Sanders Shoot Down Obnoxious CNN Host Over XL Pipeline (VIDEO)

Even if he always seems to look like a guy who just discovered a massive government cover-up and sounds like Woody Allen on steroids, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) always tells it like it is. Pundits say that he may be too old to mount a 2016 presidential run on the Democratic ticket, but it’s actually integrity and a commitment to the electorate that prevent him from running for president. Once again, Bernie took his blunt and frank honesty to CNN and refused to allow an obnoxious host to bait him into accepting that the Keystone XL Pipeline is a good thing.

CNN’s Carol Costello, saying she believes in “anthropogenic activities” contributing to climate change, annoyingly pressed the firebrand senator on a State Department study that foolishly claims the Keystone pipeline — which our new-found Koch-snorting Congress said it would approve — would not cause major harm to the environment.

‘There’s a fly in the ointment of your argument, though. The State Department did a study on the pipeline and it found the pipeline would not significantly affect greenhouse gases and it would also support 42,000 jobs over two years. It would result in $3.4 billion for the U.S. economy. All of that sounds good,’ said Costello (Mediaite)

Ah, the old cowardly  “it creates jobs” argument. One, they’re crappy good jobs and not relevant in the 21st century when cleaner and safer jobs exist with regards to renewable energies.  And two, the CEO of TransCanada in fact (not to be confused with the Canadian tranny rock group) just conceded that the pipeline will only create 50 permanent jobs. So basically, we need to risk killing the planet for a workforce the size of summer a hot dog stand.

Luckily, Sanders was not going to let Fox News-lite manipulate him. Of course, she refused to let up.

‘That figure that you’re giving us comes from the company itself and it is widely exaggerated,’ Sanders shot back. “It comes from the State Department,’ Costello reminded her guest. ‘If we’re serious about job creation, we should rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, our roads and bridges and rail system and water plants.’  (Mediaite)

Costello, hoping that continuously repeating a lie would somehow affect a man famous for knowing such cynical tactics, continued to harass Sanders.

‘But these things that I passed along to you came from a State Department report, which is an unbiased report. So it is wrong?’ ‘Yes,’ the senator replied. ‘It is wrong.’ He noted that he has seen other studies which suggest ‘there is no debate’ over the pipeline’s environmental impact.  (Mediaite)

So what are scientists actually saying? And real scientists, not the Eugene from Walking Dead fake ones hired by Big Oil.

The consensus among the scientific community, much like Sanders said, is firmly against the pipeline. A report assembled by Oil Change International found that the Xl Pipeline would raise greenhouse gas pollution by the equivalent of nearly 40 million cars and trucks. The State dept study wrongly assumes that the dirty tar sands oil would flow irrespective. However, the Oil Change International study directly refutes that  assertion. Further, they point out that the tar sands are stuck in Alberta and face few good pipeline prospects, either to Canada’s west coast or via reversing the flow of existing pipelines to North America’s east coast.

‘Other options like rail or truck are not feasible for the transportation of large quantities,’ said Elizabeth Shope, anti–tar sands advocate with environmental group the Natural Resources Defense Council, in a conference call with reporters, noting that such alternative transportation more than triples the cost of moving tar sands oil. (Scientific American)

Watch Bernie in action below:

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