Trump Spent 99.99% More Time Giving Interviews Than Helping Victims Of Flood In Louisiana (VIDEO)

Seemingly unable to help himself, Trump once again squandered his moment to look like a humble humanitarian in order to better brag about how great he is. Naturally, it came with a large dose of lying, as well.

Following Trump’s opportunistic – and unasked for – trip down to Louisiana to “survey” the flood damage, his campaign kicked their criticisms of President Obama into high gear. New campaign head Kellyanne Conway went on a tweetstorm highlighting Trump’s supposed triumphs.

So far, Trump’s campaign has not announced any donations to reputable aid organizations, despite that being Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards one request. Instead, they say they’ve “assisted” in flood relief.

Which is probably news to Louisianans – because during Trump’s day spent in the state, he did next to nothing.

In a widely circulated video taken at an event meant to give Trump the opportunity to show himself getting his hands dirty, Trump spent exactly 49 seconds actually helping unload boxes from an aid truck. After that, he seemingly got bored and wandered off, his massive entourage in tow.

If unloading boxes wasn’t this thing, publicity sure was. Throughout the day, he didn’t mind giving multiple interviews, glad-handing with people, and – later at a rally – smearing the sitting President of the United States. Unity during times of tragedy? Not with Trump. Why waste an opportunity to score some political points against his enemies?

As the hours ticked on, Trump accomplished essentially zero actual relief, but got a ton of positive press coverage.

By nightfall, Trump had seemingly forgotten about the actual victims of the flood and went back “on message” by perpetuating the right-wing conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is sleeps most of the day because of secret brain damage. Yes, really.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the state of Louisiana was benefiting from a robust system of federal aid and disaster relief. Gov. Edwards told reporters that the White House was doing a fantastic job.

Edwards said Thursday that he’s spoken with the White House daily and has received quick responses for each request he’s made to the administration. He noted that FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate visited the state Tuesday and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was in-state Thursday.

Edwards said he is “not complaining in any way about our federal partnership.”

In a fantastic turn of phrase, Louisiana-based writer Peter Adrastos Athas noted that in marked contrast to Hurricane Katrina, the state of Louisiana is seeing what it’s like to recover from a natural disaster while “a President who believes in government is in office.” It looks like competency, compassion, and resources.

Obama, while on vacation, was reportedly receiving up-to-the-minute updates about the situation. He later announced that, following Gov. Edwards advice, he would wait to visit the state until next week when the situation had stabilized and his appearance wouldn’t be an extra burden to the first responders. Clinton, also listening to Edwards, chose to encourage her millions of supporters to donate to several reputable aid organizations, rather than pose for cameras in front of a partially submerged house.

Trump’s cynical math is probably correct that his publicity stunt will earn him more immediate popularity than the measured, goal-oriented responses from Obama or Clinton. Cameras love a guy holding a box of Play Doh. But if Louisianans are trying to figure out who has actually positively impacted the recovery effort as they begin to piece their shattered lives back together, Trump’s 49 seconds of “help” should rank far down the list. They’re going to need a lot more resources going forward and soon enough, it won’t be beneficial to Trump to keep his attention on the state. He’ll move on. And the real work will begin.

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