TransCanada CEO Inadvertently Destroys Republican Talking Point On Keystone XL Jobs (VIDEO)

The CEO of TransCanada, the corporation looking to build the Keystone XL Pipeline throughout the American heartland, inadvertently admitted that the thousands upon thousands of jobs the Republican Party claims lie in the balance are temporary — at best.

While speaking to ABC’s This Week, TransCanada’s Russ Girling initially tried to spread the myth of more than 9,000 construction jobs and 40,000 other jobs associated with the construction of the pipeline.

When further pressed, he clarified most of those jobs will, in fact, be temporary, and only 50 jobs will be necessary after the pipeline is complete.

Girling inadvertently sank his, and the Republican Party’s talking points that the Keystone XL pipeline will create thousands of jobs. The fact is, 50 permanent jobs are not worth the risk of destroying the country’s most vulnerable aquifer, the added carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and the ecological disaster a spill would create.

As NASA’s James Hansen pointed out in early 2012, if the Canadian tar sands are extracted from the ground, it would be “game over for the climate.”

Watch the interview below


H/T: DailyKOS

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