The Most Honest Corporate Ad Of All Time Will have You Laughing Hysterically And Yet SO Furious (VIDEO)

An ad for an Australian coal conglomerate has made its way to the American shores because it is so absolutely perfect in its honesty and simplicity. The question in the ad is how a company would address the issue of climate change responsibly so our children’s grandchildren can have an earth to play on but also maintain their fiscal duties to their shareholders.

The answer is the “fuck you policy.” How it works is fairly simple: “Fuck you” can be administered when questioned on the challenges of climate change when you don’t have an answer. Now, when someone asks annoying questions like “yes, but what are you going to do about it?”, the answer can be covered in one simple “fuck you.”

It is gloriously funny and sincerely terrifying at the same time, because this isn’t far from the reality we’re faced with. Even more so in America, we’re faced with companies will not only use the “fuck you policy” but will take it one step further and steal tax dollars from your pockets while they show you the hand.

Watch the most honest yet terrifying coal company ad ever below:

Featured image via screen capture

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