Texas May Have To Answer To Citizens About Fracking Thanks To Oklahoma (VIDEO)

Texas now has a reason to forget about that little TX/OU feud and actually start teaming up with Oklahoma because based on recent studies and investigations brought to light by Oklahoma officials and the U.S. Geological Survey, it is very clear that fracking in both regions has got to stop.

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In February, Oklahoma experienced a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. It was reportedly felt across Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas. No one was injured and very little property damage was reported but it was pretty scary for all involved.

Oklahoma Governor Michael Teague is now paying closer attention to ecological studies and the amount of quakes reported this year — 734 — now puts his state ahead of California as the earthquake capital. It’s all due to fracking and the induction wells put in place for waste water. These wells are a big part of the problem.

As you begin to pump water into them, it kind of presses them apart a little bit; it relieves that closure pressure and you can actually get a fault slipping,” explained Jeremy Boak, director of the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma in Norman

Texas citizens have been dealing with water and air contamination due to fracking and waste water well issues, for a very long time but thanks to the vigilant efforts of WFAA Dallas and their continuous investigations, it’s becoming more and more clear that elected officials from the Texas Railroad Commission do not have our best interests in mind.

The TRC hired a guy. His name is Dr. Craig Pearson. He’s making $102,000 a year to keep Texas safe, but it seems like he’s been slacking a bit! He has only posted one report in two years and that report says that there is no indication that fracking will hurt anyone. Environmentalists beg to differ:

They deny that there is any relation to fracking-related earthquakes and seismicity,” said environmental activist Sharon Wilson. “They wanted a seismologist who would deny the science of fracking-related earthquakes.

Watch the full report here:

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