Sweet Revenge: Senate Dems Filibuster Keystone Bill, McConnell Whines Like A Baby

What goes around comes around, eh Mitch?

After years of obstructionism by way of the filibuster, Sen. Mitch McConnell and other senate Republicans got a taste of their own medicine.

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On the senate floor Monday, McConnell declared “It’s about time to bring the Keystone debate to a positive conclusion.” Apparently Turtle McDerple thinks his new-found majority leader role means he will get his way just by demanding it.

Democrats weren’t so easily swayed. The filibuster was a clear message to Mitch that he’s going to have to play nice. Last week, he shut down debate on further amendments to the bill, a move that didn’t sit well with small number of Democrats supporting it who had hoped to make Keystone more appealing to the President and the American people before they voted for it.

McConnell has repeatedly promised that the senate will be run more openly, a promise he has had a hard time keeping.  Democrats are making a clear point here, and McConnell has his boxers in a bunch over it:

Now, we’ve heard rumors that some in the Democratic leadership are pressuring rank-and-file Democrats — even Democrats who cosponsored this bill — to block Keystone’s jobs with a filibuster instead.

Keystone’s permanent “jobs” amount to the staff needed for a single shift on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Whining further, McConnell said:

A Keystone filibuster cannot succeed without the support of Democrats who voted for a Keystone bill just a few weeks ago without any amendments, and who are cosponsoring this jobs bill today

So I truly hope these Democrats won’t vote to block Keystone jobs now, just because a different party controls the Senate.

Unfortunately for Mitch there’s a huge difference here. Republican filibusters when the Democrats controlled the senate were a calculated strategic strike against anything the White House was in favor of, regardless of the advantages or disadvantages to the American people.

By continuing the fallacy that Keystone is some kind of “jobs bill” and not government sponsorship of corporate profiteering at the expense of our environment and integrity, McConnell is showing the true nature of the GOP propaganda machine.

Keystone will most likely eventually pass, gaining the support of eight Democrats since November. President Obama has threatened to veto it.

H/T: Politicus | Image: Sodahead


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