7 Of The Biggest Loads Of Crap From The Latest GOP Debate

Just once I wish we could have a debate moderated by someone who is funny. I’m exhausted and let’s be honest, we’re all sick of the nonsense. If they’re going to act like a joke, why not put a comedian up there as a moderator. Maybe someone like Jon Stewart. Tonight there was so much absurdity, I wonder if fact checkers just have boilerplate stuff by now because they are so used to the lies.

If you were frustrated and pointing at the television trying to struggle with the reason what they were saying was wrong, let me help. I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to and here are the 7 most egregious examples of complete and utter bullshit from the Fox News Business debate:

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1.Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson all dodged questions by attacking Wall Street Reform.

Marco Rubio told Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s Situation Room that The Dodd-Frank Bill would be “disastrous.” Dodd-Frank aimed to fix the regulations that allowed the crash to happen in the first place. It ended up being far too watered down, but then again, he’s Wall Street’s new lapdog anyway.

Jeb Bush appeared before the House Budget Committee in June of 2012 to tell them that Wall Street Reform was the “wrong approach” after the financial crisis under his brother’s leadership. He argued it would ultimately create “uncertainty” and actually said he thought it would weaken the economy.

Ben Carson probably thinks Wall Street was built by Jesus to serve as the financial funnel to the world. I’m not even going to acknowledge he’s still in this race.

2. Jeb Bush called for reforming VA care but what he did in Florida was so messed up they got rid of it after he left office.

The LAST person that should be talking about solutions to help veterans is Jeb Bush. His Florida plan even made the list of the top worst things these candidates have done to hurt veterans!

According to CNN:

Jeb Bush’s effort as governor to partially privatize veterans health care services in Florida went so poorly it was ended shortly after Bush left office. That hasn’t stopped the former Republican governor, now in the early stages of running for president, from arguing veterans should be given the choice to see a public or private doctor, with either visit being paid for by the government. ‘All of these government programs should shift to the person who’s receiving the benefit and they should be empowered to have more choices, rather than be told what line you get into,’ Bush said recently in New Hampshire. […] But Bush’s experience outsourcing veterans’ nursing homes in Florida was a case study in privatization’s pitfalls. By the time it was over, Florida officials determined the state could provide higher-quality care at a better price for taxpayers.

3. We finally talked about climate change, but the GOP candidates’ heads are still in the sand (which will soon be under water).

Rand Paul supports coal, we get it, you’re from Kentucky. Jeb Bush said something and tried to use words like conservation to make him seem moderate. But here’s what wasn’t said: Marco Rubio doesn’t believe human activity is causing climate change. Jeb Bush previously said the science hasn’t been decided on what’s causing climate change.

Then there’s Trump:

4. Republicans on stage made it pretty clear how reckless, clueless, and outdated they are when it comes to  national security.

The best thing about Barack Obama’s presidency is that he has worked the diplomatic angle in attempts to repair our broken image around the world. By contrast, Republicans want to shoot first and ask questions later. Let’s send troops here and there based on a bunch of lies. Who cares if thousands of troops are killed?!

Even the Heritage Foundation’s political wing said that Carson and Trump have concerning views on national security. Rubio couldn’t even be bothered to show up to closed-door meetings on national security issues.

5. Trump and Carson suggested wages are too high and Rubio thinks an increase of minimum wage would be a “disaster.”

Why the Republican party refuses to support a raise in the minimum wage is anyone’s guess, but it makes them look like terrible human beings. According to USAToday an increase in the minimum wage helped increase and stabilize state economies. Even economists agree raising the wage would help the economy. So, why does the GOP think it would be such a terrible thing? Oh that’s right, because they care more about billionaires’ bank accounts than hardworking American families.

6. Jeb Bush’s 4 percent job growth is a myth.

Bush’s 4 percent economic growth goal has been called “a stretch” and “disconnected to reality.”

Economists from both sides, including a former George W. Bush Treasury official, pointed out that this goal is unreasonable for any incoming president. While in Florida, Bush was able to spur the economy, but economists agree it was due to a huge housing bubble.

7. Trump on the 5th Circuit Court’s decision on Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) was “a great day…it was a terrific thing that happened.”

The court blocked Obama’s attempt to keep millions of families together and that’s great? We get it, you hate immigrants, that’s no surprise. However, these executive actions do not only help immigrants, they help American citizens too, by allowing them to grow up with their parents. President Obama’s actions would require the undocumented parents of American citizens who apply to pass a background checks, pay a fine, pay application fees, and when approved they would be given proper documentation to pay federal taxes. It also allocates more money for border security, something Trump believes is of the utmost importance even though illegal border crossing is at an all time low.

But his bill does actually work to deport people who pose a threat and protects the border. If Trump doesn’t support that, then what’s the point? Let me guess…. build the wall. Whatever.

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